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COVID-19 Release

We at Brown Law are doing everything in our power to respond to the coronavirus
pandemic and ensure the safety of our clients who are in prisons and jails in Maryland
and across the country. It is our belief that no detained person is safe in confinement –
where medical care is inadequate and where it is impossible to practice “social

As such we are aggressively seeking ways to move our clients out of prisons and into home confinement – or even early release. We are also seeking bail for those who are detained and awaiting trial. Not everyone will be eligible for compassionate release under the First Step Act or other remedies, but we are trying to gain relief for as many individuals as possible.

We are aware that this is a rapidly changing process and we are proud to be on the front lines to press prison officials and the courts to do the right thing and ensure the safety of our clients.

If you have a friend or family member who may be eligible for early release – either in federal Bureau of Prisons or in the Maryland Department of Corrections, please contact Brown Law for a telephone consultation.


As of 4/6/20 there were 20 inmates in Maryland’s Department of Corrections who tested positive. Officials were awaiting test results from another 14 residents.

Read AG Barr’s April 3 memo regarding BOP inmates HERE

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